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Soteric Group trains KRDO News Channel 13 staff in personal self-defense!
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Cindy Gillis, CEO of Soteric Group, with Frank Handoe, U.S. Army (ret.) Command Seargent Major, shown interviewing with Mike Lewis (a KRDO radio personality) discussing Soteric's support for Mt. Carmel Veteran's Service Center & Veteran and Military Spouse employment.



Cindy Gillis, CEO of Soteric Group, with Mark Pimentel (KRDO General Manager) and Shannon Brinias (KRDO on air news anchor).


Shawn Strain, Soteric Group Security Consultant, with KRDO News Reporter Zachary Aedo discussing the Virginia Beach shooting tragedy.


Soteric Group article is featured in the Space Observer (Peterson Air Force Base), Schriever Sentinel (Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Group), and in the Mountaineer (Fort Carson).


Ben Skee, Personal Defense Trainer with Soteric Group, on KRDO Radio discussing his Self-Defense for Women Training during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.


From Left: Soteric Group's CEO Cindy Gillis; Shawn Strain, Security Consultant; Brittany Strain, Videographer; Ted Robertson, KRDO Radio Personality; and Steven Sanchez, Business Continuity Consultant for Soteric Group:  discussing business continuity, security, and situational awareness during The Extra Business Edition at KRDO Radio.

The Extra: Business Edition on 14 June 2019 - Ted Robertson on KRDO radio
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KRDO News Channel 13 covers Soteric Group training in light of recent dangers in our communities.  Ben Skee, Soteric Group Self Defense Consultant, demonstrates defensive tactics and Shawn Strain, Soteric Group Immediate Medical Responder Consultant, discusses the need for Soteric Group training in business, and other places where people may gather in a working environment.

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