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Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center Transition Spotlight: Community safer for Veteran-owned security group
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Mt. Carmel Veterans Service, located in Colorado Springs, provides transition & employment 
assistance, behavioral health and wellness, supportive services, connection to community resources, and safe event space for veterans, military members and their families. 

Soteric Group article is featured in the Space Observer (Peterson Air Force Base), Schriever Sentinel (Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Group), and in The Mountaineer (Fort Carson).


Community safer for
Veteran-owned security group


Caption:  Navy Veteran Cindy Gillis, right, speaks with Mark Pimentel, KRDO Network General Manager, and Shannon Brinnias, KRDO News Anchor, about staff and facility security.

  At Mt. Carmel, Navy Veteran and Soteric Group CEO Cindy Gillis volunteers to mentor transitioning veterans and military spouses as they enter the regional workforce; she also conducts mock interviews for this same population.

  "From my experience helping transitioning veterans and highly-skilled military spouses, it became so obvious: this is an incredible workforce to draw from to make our community safer," said Cindy.  "Veterans and Military Spouses bring great experience, skill and insight to the security industry, and Soteric Group recognizes this."

  The focus of Cindy's company - a service-disabled, woman-owned small business - is to help employers, community and private organizations with threat vulnerability assessments, emergency preparedness training/planning; active shooter training; personal defense, trauma first aid; concealed weapons training; cyber risk management and more.

  One recent Soteric Group client received a security threat assessment and personal defense training.

  "This client wanted safe, secure office space for their staff and clients based on a business model that requires staff to often work alone in unpredictable and dangerous situations on a 24-hour schedule," said Cindy.

  Soteric Group consultants helped mitigate the risks and ensure the safety of the client's workforce; they've done the same for churches, schools and other businesses.

  "The partnership with Mt. Carmel allows Soteric Group to recruit professionals from the veteran and milspouse community to develop our assessment and training capabilities," said Cindy.  "This contributes greatly to safety and security awareness of our community - from the most experienced workforce possible - our veterans."

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