"Security is always excessive until it's not enough."

- Robbie Sinclair

Physical Security & Risk Assessment

Prevention Takes Preparation & Planning

Physical Security And Risk Assessment representational image for Soteric Group LLC

What is a Physical Security & Risk Assessment?

It is a Detailed Security Assessment of your Facilities that Evaluates Vulnerabilities to Threats and Provides Best-Practice Strategies and Recommendations to Mitigate your Risks.

Why does my company need a Physical Security & Risk Assessment?

  • Prevent / Deter Criminal Activities

  • Provide Personal / Professional / Emotional Security for Employees / Clients / Customers / Students / Parishioners / Patients

  • Prepare for Medical Emergencies

  • Prepare for Fire / Loss of Essential Utilities Emergencies

  • Lower Operating Costs

  • Enrichment of Business Opportunities

  • Loss Protection

How would my company benefit from a Physical Security & Risk Assessment?

Identifying the Risks to your Business' Safety and Security can help to Mitigate Potential Losses that could occur during a Critical Event.  Being Pro-Active with the Knowledge and Recommendations Gained from the Assessments will Minimize Vulnerability and Risks to Persons and Property.

Are you prepared?

Artistic image of a "Go Navy" coffee cup on a laptop that has Soteric Group LLC's Physical Security & Risk Assessment page displayed. A binder with a cover sheet showing the Soteric Group logo and coversheet for a Physical Security & Risk Assessment can also be seen.

Physical Security & Risk Assessment