"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."

- John Wayne

Personal Defense Training

Survival Takes Training

Personal Defense Training

This training offers Personal Self-Defense Techniques, Mindset Preparation, Visual Demonstrations, as well as Hands-On Participation to Practice Techniques.

Tailored to Meet Your Needs, Training Includes but is Not Limited to:

  • Evade

  • De-Escalation

  • Hand Grab

  • Chokes 

  • Grab from Behind/Front

  • (V) Positioning Technique


  • Refuse to be a Victim (NRA Certified Trainer)

  • Rape Awarness & Prevention Certified Instructor

  • De-Escalation & Awareness Training

  • Evasion Techniques

  • Self-Defense Training:

    • Ladies Self-Defense

    • Medical Professional

    • Nursing Home Staff

    • Day-Care Staff

    • High School/College Students

    • Independant Sales Persons

      • ​Realtors

      • Multi-Level Marketers

      • Insurance Agents

      • Loan Officers

  • Self-Defense & Confidence Building Training Opportunities for Pre-Schoolers to Senior Citizens with Varying Levels of Physical, Mental and Emotional Abilities.

Are you trained?

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