"The only thing more tragic than a death...

is a death that could have been prevented."
- Unknown

Immediate Responder Medical Training

Survival Takes Training

Visual representation of a traumatic injury that would need immediate medical attention for the Immediate Responder Medical Training section of the Soteric Group LLC website.

Immediate Responder Medical Training

Immediate Responder: 

Anyone Who is On-Site When Life-Threatening Injuries Occur.

First Responder: 

A Person Who is Certified to Provide Medical Care in Emergencies.

Whether through Acts of Violence or Accidents IN and AROUND your Home or Workplace, these Basic Life Saving Skills May Save a Life BEFORE First Responders are Able to Arrive.


Learn to Save a Life

  • Recognize and Manage Life-Threatening Bleeding

  • Know what Actions are Timely, Reasonable and Appropriate for the Emergency Situation

Bleeding Control Techniques

  • Direct Pressure

  • Wound Packing

  • Tourniquet Application

Tom Cribley, Paramedic

EMS Captain, Denver Health Paramedic Division (retired)

Are you trained?

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