“Wishing won’t keep you safe, preparedness will.”
- Unknown

Emergency Preparedness Planning

Prevention Takes Preparation & Planning

Emergency Preparedness Planning visual representation for Soteric Group LLC

What is an Emergency Preparedness Plan?

Emergency Preparedness Plan defines the Actions to be taken by employees in the Event of Critical Incidents.

Why Does My Company Need an Emergency Preparedness Plan?

To Prepare the Organization to REACT to Critical Incidents such that they minimize the Risks to themselves and to Property.

How Would My Company Benefit from an Emergency Preparedness Plan?

Your Company WILL Benefit from an Emergency Preparedness Plan in 5 ways:

  1. Prevention

  2. Protection

  3. Mitigation

  4. Response

  5. Recovery

"Critical Incident" is an event out of the range of normal experience - one which is sudden and unexpected.

Are you prepared?

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