"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
– Helen Keller

Critical Incident Training Team

Soteric Group is comprised of a Team of Highly Skilled Law Enforcement, First Responders and Military Professionals who have Served to Protect and Defend our Country. Soteric Group brings the Unique Expertise and Experiences of these Professionals to provide Safety and Security Awareness and Training to our Communities.

"Critical Incident" is an Event Out of the Range of Normal Experience - One which is Sudden and Unexpected.

Our Team

  • Soteric Group, CFO & COO

  • Global Consultant Exchange Services, Founder & President

Held Positions in:

  • US Air Force Intelligence, Officer (Retired)

  • Vector Data Systems,  Founder and President

  • Contract Proposal Devel-opment & Organizational Strategist

Barrie Gillis


  • Soteric Group, Founder & CEO

  • GCES Global, Founder & CEO

  • US Navy Officer, (Retired)

Held Positions in:

  • Naval Intelligence, Officer

  • US Navy, Parole Officer

  • US Marine Corps., Parole Officer

Graduate of:

  • Navy War College

  • Navy Justice School

  • Armed Forces Staff College

Cindy Gillis


  • US Army

  • Graphic Designer & Visual Content Creator

  • Website Design & Application

  • Graduate of The Art Institute with Honors

  • Print Design & Production

  • Custom Animation & Film

Serena Shea

Graphic Website Designer &
Social Media Specialist

  • US Army, Flight Medic, (Retired)

  • Force Security Trainer

  • Emergency Medical Trainer

  • Project Management for Goverment Contractor

  • Business Marketing Strategist for Government Contractor

Danny Stephenson

Business Development

  • US Army Lt. Colonel, (Retired)

  • Role Play Scenario Expert

  • CEO of Six Rivers Enter-tainment: Film-maker, script writer & actor

  • IMDb Steven Robert Alexander

Steve Alexander

Film/Media Scenario Consultant

  • US Army, Intelligence,(Retired)

  • Huginn[S4] COO

  • ASIS International Physical Security Professional

Patrick Arbuckle

Security Assessment Consultant

  • Tactical Elite Firearms 

  • US Army and FBI Sniper   Training

  • SWAT Training and SWAT   Operations Skills

David Avent

Security Consultant

  • Law Enforcement Profes-sional

  • National Guard, (Retired)

  • Specialized in Anti-Human Trafficking Training

  • Disaster Preparedness Planner

Chris Burns

Law Enforcement Consultant

  • Law Enforcement Officer

  • Sr. Criminal Investigator 
    specializing in firearm thefts / Property Crimes

  • Active Shooter Instructor

Evan Cox

Law Enforcement Consultant

  • US Air Force Cyber Security, (Retired)

  • Digital Beachhead, CEO

  • Cyber Security/Risk Management Systems Operations Expert

Mike Crandall

Cyber Risk Management Consultant

  • Douglas County Search and  Rescue

  • Marketing Strategist

  • 'Stop the Bleed' Program     Registered Instructor

  • NASAR Certified K9 Handler

Tamara Cribley

Immediate Resonder Medical Consultant

  • EMS Captain, Retired - Denver Health Paramedic Division, Denver CO

  • Instructor - Tactical Combat Casualty Care  - Denver Health Paramedic Division, Denver, CO\

  • Douglas County Search and Rescue - Fielded - Douglas County, CO

Tom Cribley

Immediate Responder Medical Consultant

  • US Army Engineer Veteran

  • West Point Military Academy Graduate

  • Professional Cinamato-grapher

Derek Enslow

Cinamatographer Consultant

  • US Air Force, (Retired)

  • Fire Chief/Sr. Fire Official

  • Command Inspection
    Manager, Fire & Emergency Services Headquarters

  • CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde, Co-Owner

Clint Jordan

Security Consultant

  • US Navy, Intelligence Officer, (Retired)

  • Naval Air Station, Operations Officer, Self Defense Force

  • NRA Training Councelor

  • Falcon Protection Service, Founder & CEO

Dan Lanotte

Firearms Consultant

  • US Army (Retired) SGM

  • Fort Carson Security

  • Space & Missile Defense Operations SGM

John Mattie

Security Consultant

  • US Army (Retired)

  • Experienced in Intelligence Operations

  • ASIS International Physical Security Professional

  • Huginn[S4], CEO

Hugo Pallesen

Security Assessment Consultant

  • Law Enforcement Officer, Sheriff, Lt. (Retired)

  • Certified Firearms and Full-Skills Instructor

  • Author and Speaker

John D. Ross

Law Enforcement Consultant

  • US Army Lt. Colonel,

  • Founder & President Council of Hispanic Busi-nesses

  • Master's in Homeland           Security Management

Steve Sanchez

Business Continuity Consultant

  • US Air Force

  • First Strike Krav Maga Founder and CEO

  • Frontline Defense, Military Close Quarters Combat, President & Instructor

Ben Skee

Self Defense Consultant

  • Douglas County Search and Rescue

  • Douglas County Search and Rescue Public Information Officer

  • Security Training, investigations, and management

  • Onsite-Response, Founding Partner/Instructor 

Shawn Strain

Immediate Responder Medical Consultant

  • U.S. Army Lt. Colonel and Combat Arms Officer, Retired

  • Tactical, operations and strategic level planning

  • Operations, Personnel and Force Protection

  • Emergency Preparedness Officer, U.S. Military Group, Guatemala

John Trylch

Force Protection Security Assessment Consultant

  • CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde, Co-Owner

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified in CPR & First Aid

  • Nationally-qualified NPC Figure Competitor

  • Educator

Lisa Vazquez

Self Defense Consultant

  • Dayton Police Department Operations Division, Major (Retired)

  • Assistant Montgomery County Prosecutor (Former)

  • FBINA & Police Executive
    Leadership College Grad-uate

Patrick J. Welsh, JD

Law Enforcement Consultant

Physical Security & Risk Assessment