“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
-Teddy Roosevelt

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado

Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

Saint Paul Catholic School

Saint Paul Catholic Church

Fort Carson USO

Saint Francis of Assisi Church

CIVA School

The Platinum Group, Realtors

Stinar, Zendejas & Gaithe, PLLC

"The Soteric Group recently provided our school with a security and threat assessment. The staff members are exceptionally well qualified for the task. They were very thorough in their analysis and provided us with a very detailed risk mitigation suggestions. They are easy to work with and we highly recommend their services for any agency looking to minimize threat and increase safety procedures." - Client - Security and Threat Assessment

City of Manitou


"...I started thinking about this in my personal life and realized I was not as aware as I should have been. Talking or texting on my phone as I was leaving the store or leaving the house, meant I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings. After the class I started paying more attention, not just for my safety but my kids most of all. I am more conscious of where we park in the store parking lot, I am able to see a direct route to my car, could someone be hiding on the other side? The class made me think of things I never thought of before. Being more aware is being safer. Thank you for opening my eyes more, about the world we live in today." - Client - Active Shooter Training

"The professionals from the Soteric Group provided a threat assessment of our physical building. We found the assessors to be exceptionally well qualified and informative. They were all easy to work with and the recommendations they made were insightful. We highly recommend their services for any organization seeking to ensure the safety of their clients and personnel." - Client - Security and Threat Assessment

"The training is making a BIG difference to me. Knowing what to do and how to use it the best way possible makes all the difference. I've watched a lot of YouTube and without the's just stuff you've seen." - Client - Personal Defense Training

"It was good to understand the basics of what to do. I'm not strong and not balanced...and I found that I was able to do the motions without much difficulty. I was shaky but the system works even for me!" - Client - Personal Defense Training

"The training was great! I enjoyed it and it was very informative." - Client - CarJacking Defense Tactics and Techniques

"It was all fun and games until I threw her into the wall! The training seems to work very well even though I am smaller than my 'attacker'." - Client - Personal Defense Training for Realtors

Physical Security & Risk Assessment