Business Continuity Planning

“Plans are useless, planning is everything.”

- Dwight Eisenhower

Prevention Takes Preparation & Planning

Business Continuity Planning visual representation for Soteric Group LLC

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

It is an Assessment of How Prepared your Business is to Survive a Critical Event.  Followed by a Plan of Action that Focuses on the Preparations your Business should take to Survive Critical Incidents, Recover from your Losses, and Continue the Operation of your Business.

Why Does My Company Need a Business Continuity Plan?

When a Critical Incident Happens to your Business, factors such as:

  • Loss of Reputation

  • Loss of Insurance

  • Loss of Business

  • Increase of Insurance Costs

  • Lawsuits

  • Time Loss Equating to Money Loss

Effect your Company in many ways.  Planning Provides Peace of Mind, Security and Awareness to your business.

How Would My Company Benefit from a Business Continuity Plan?

Reunification of your Business and it's Continued Functionality relatively Uninterrupted in the Aftermath of a Critical Incident Due to a Properly Prepared Staff and Properly Executed Plan of Action.

Are you prepared?

Artistic image of a "Go Navy" coffee cup on a laptop that has Soteric Group LLC’s Business Continuity Planning page displayed. A binder with a cover sheet showing the Soteric Group logo and coversheet for a Business Continuity Plan can also be seen.

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