Affiliates & Partners

"Success is best when it's shared."

– Howard Schultz


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Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center

Providing career and transitional assistance to Veterans and their families.

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Pikes Peak Community College

Corporate & Workforce Training


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Conducts Firearms Awareness, Training, and Certifications.

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Warrior Servant Leader

Life Behind the Badge

Awareness & Training for everyday situations.


Digital Beachhead

Delivering Information Technology & Consulting Services Solutions.

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D.A. Executive Service

Providing Executive and Corporate Protection and Transportation.

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Site Survey and

Service Support

"Providing Ground Truth"

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Crossfit Bonnie & Clyde

A Certified, Specialized Gym that offers a wide variety of Training Experiences.

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First Strike Krav Maga

The toughest yet most effective Self-Defense style on the planet. 


On-Site Response

Provides Emergency Medical Intervention instruction and training.


Six Rivers Entertainment

Role Player-Actor-Team Leader-Scenario Writer

Video Production

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Pikes Peak Production &
Real Estate Home Marketing

Web and Marketing Content through Video Production, Testimonials, and Photography

Physical Security & Risk Assessment