Violent Intruder Crisis Management

"Next week there can't be any crisis. My schedule is already full."
- Henry Kissinger

Survival Takes Training

Violent Intruder Crisis Management

Includes instruction in: Active Intruder Threat, introduction to the concept of Situational Awareness, Preparing to Defend Against a Threat, How to Deal with First Responders, and much more. 

Violent Intruder Scenario

Provides summary instruction in the topics covered in the Active Shooter Training and Hands-On Scenario Based Training.


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John D. Ross, Soteric Group Security Consultant, speaking at the USO Ft. Carson training session about
"Run / Hide / Fight" scenario.

JD Ross speaking at the Ft. Carson USO training - John D. Ross
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KRDO News Channel 13 covers Soteric Group Training in light of Recent Dangers in our Communities.  Ben Skee, Soteric Group Self-Defense Consultant, demonstrates Defensive Tactics and Shawn Strain, Soteric Group Immediate Medical Responder Consultant, discusses the need for Soteric Group Training in Businesses, & Other Places where people may Gather in a Working Environment.

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