Violent Intruder Crisis Management

"Next week there can't be any crisis. My schedule is already full."
- Henry Kissinger

Survival Takes Training

Visual representation of an Active Intruder threatening the viewer with a gun for the Violent Intruder Crisis Management section of the Soteric Group LLC website.

Violent Intruder Crisis Management

Includes instruction in: Active Intruder Threat, introduction to the concept of Situational Awareness, Preparing to Defend Against a Threat, How to Deal with First Responders, and much more. 

Visual representation of a perspective Active Intruder in front of an office building for the Violent Intruder Scenario Training section of the Soteric Group LLC website.

Violent Intruder Scenario

Provides summary instruction in the topics covered in the Active Shooter Training and Hands-On Scenario Based Training.


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John D. Ross, Soteric Group Security Consultant, speaking at the USO Ft. Carson training session about
"Run / Hide / Fight" scenario.

JD Ross speaking at the Ft. Carson USO training - John D. Ross
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KRDO News Channel 13 covers Soteric Group Training in light of Recent Dangers in our Communities.  Ben Skee, Soteric Group Self-Defense Consultant, demonstrates Defensive Tactics and Shawn Strain, Soteric Group Immediate Medical Responder Consultant, discusses the need for Soteric Group Training in Businesses, & Other Places where people may Gather in a Working Environment.

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