Cindy Gillis, CEO

US Navy Officer (retired), assignments held
in Military Intelligence, Fighter Squadron Flight Operations, USN/USMC - Parole Officer.  Graduate: US Naval War College, Armed Forces Joint Military Staff College, & Navy Justice School.  Founder and CEO, GCES Global.

Barrie Gillis, COO

US Air Force Intelligence Officer (retired).  Founder and CEO of Vector Data Systems, and Global Consultant Exchange Services.

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The Soteric Name


Soteric Group takes it's name from Soteria who was the Goddess, or Personified Spirit, of Safety, Deliverance, and Preservation from Harm.

Soteria, Greco-Roman mosaic from Daphne C5th A.D.,
Hatay Archeology Museum

Soteric Gives Back


Soteric Group donates a portion of their proceeds to Angels of America's Fallen (a non-profit organization). Their mission is to encourage and fund healthy positive activities for the children of fallen firefighters, military and law enforcement. Between grief counseling and scholarships others provide, Angels stands beside the children all year, every year until adulthood. Donations help fuel these kids dreams beyond the ultimate loss.

Physical Security & Risk Assessment